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Montana Ridge promoted and identified two new stylish Italian wines from the house of respected Fabiano winery as food-friendly vino options to a young and hip Canadian market. Sold through the LCBO, it was our goal to position these fashionably-labeled, mid-range priced bottles of Pinot Grigio and Valpolicella as viable options to wine buyers who are inundated with choice these days.

Montana Ridge took a multi-pronged approach, enlisting the help of local respected Italian chef, Aurora Stranges, in crafting recipes using both wines for TV, online, print, and radio appearances and interviews. Chef Stranges provided live cooking demonstrations of some of her signature recipes including a Zupa di Pesce (Seafood Soup) and Risotto with Grilled Shrimp using the wines as a cooking ingredient and solid drinking wine. She also answered food and wine pairing questions (often bringing it back to Fabiano wines), focusing on seafood and wine cooking techniques and entertained audiences with her gregarious affection for la dolce vita. Coupled with this, we ran numerous contests in which participants could win anything from complimentary wine bottles featuring both Fabiano wines to dinner packages at La Vecchia Ristorante (including the new wines), where Chef Stranges helms the kitchen.

Chef Stranges' appearances and interviews along with the Fabiano Wine contest component created a palpable buzz amongst consumers and wine critics alike. Close to 20 media outlets, from CityTV to CFRB Radio picked up the story, along with national wine critics such as the Globe and Mail's Beppi Crosariol who lauded Fabiano Wines saying, "The wines, especially the pinot grigio, also happened to be good. They're not at all industrial-tasting like a lot of wines that came wrapped in splashy labels from, oh, say, Australia." Fabiano Pinot Grigio and Valpolicella got significant mentions on 680 News with Gloria Martin, CityTV, CFRB 1010, Suite101.com, and the CHUM family of radio stations along with local, GTA-based print media. Recipes using the wine, ideas on how to pair the wines with food, and support of wine critics helped put Fabiano on the table and in consumers' wine glasses.